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Golden opportunity for Kent Hughes and the Habs: it's over for Zegras

Published March 30, 2024 at 12:03

Kent Hughes could now have a golden opportunity to make a big move by acquiring Trevor Zegras. It would be over for him in Anaheim.

Indeed, the young forward is not having fun, and his coach adds to it at every opportunity by benching him.

"Trevor Zegras was benched after his penalties. This is now a few times that Greg Cronin has left him on the bench this season. There is no consistency from Cronin in benching players for bad penalties.

There's no doubt Zegras' cross-check was incredibly stupid. But there have been plenty of incredibly stupid penalties from the Ducks this season, with no consequences. It's the inconsistency that's at issue." - Félix Sicard

Zegras is quite the hockey player. The worst thing to do with him is to stifle his expression, and that's what the Ducks are doing.

It's understandable that action must be taken at some point to punish bad actions, but it should be the same for everyone, which is clearly not the case in Anaheim.

One thing is certain, his value is decreasing and will continue to decrease if he's not happy. The Ducks absolutely must figure out how to make it work because it really feels like the end.

From what we're seeing now, it's hard to imagine a future between the two parties. A trade during the summer seems inevitable. Will Kent Hughes be able to take advantage of it?

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Golden opportunity for Kent Hughes and the Habs: it's over for Zegras

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