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Highly Controversial Statement Regarding Cole Caufield and His Tendency to Go to Bars

Published March 16, 2024 at 12:11

We learned a few weeks ago that Cole Caufield ended up rather banged up in a bar on the night of the premiere at the Montreal Casino.

The guys from the Stanley25 podcast quickly intervened, indicating that the Canadiens provide a 'chaperone' to help players not to cross the line in such situations.

That chaperone was there that night and did their job. So Caufield never crossed the line; he simply had a bit of fun with Christian Dvorak and Chris Wideman.

But then Georges Laraque made a rather profound statement about Caufield.

"He refers to one of the early episodes of Stanley25, where we learned that Cole Caufield and Christian Dvorak live together and are close to a bar.

When Laraque said there are players currently in Montreal who could be better if they were more serious, that was already a first hint towards Cole Caufield. Those who know, know.

Later, when Max Truman asked him if it was 'guys who are there to score goals' and should score more, Laraque didn't deny it either." - Via DLC

Without naming names, we can well imagine he's talking about Caufield here, but I don't entirely agree with his comments.

Cole is young and has every right to have some fun sometimes. It's true he's scoring fewer goals this year, but he's improved other aspects of his game that make him more well-rounded and less predictable.

As good of a shooter as Caufield is, with his size, he can't afford to use his body to create space. He's a much better passer, and he plays much better without the puck.

Let him live! Just because he plays for the Canadiens doesn't mean he has to drink a cup of green tea before going to bed at 9:00 PM even when he's off. As long as there are no excesses, I don't see anything wrong with this situation.

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Highly Controversial Statement Regarding Cole Caufield and His Tendency to Go to Bars

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