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Home run for Kent Hughes in his deal with the Avalanche

Published April 20, 2024 at 0:23

Last year, Kent Hughes traded the Panthers' first-round pick and their second-round pick to the Avalanche for Alex Newhook.

So, Ethan Gauthier, son of Denis Gauthier, was selected with the 37th overall pick, which later belonged to the Canadiens. The Avalanche thus acquired a forward with a lot of potential.

Many fans then mentioned that the Canadiens missed a good opportunity to draft Gauthier, but was he the player coveted by the organization?

It seems not. The player the Canadiens wanted is exactly the one they drafted in the third round, Jacob Fowler.

"We [targeted him with our] 37th pick, so we were extremely happy to see that he was still available when we took him at 69th!" - Kent Hughes

Fowler was brilliant in his first year in the NCAA and is already among the top prospects in the world as a goaltender.

It's still a great home run when a player you wanted at 37th is still available at 69th and shows such rapid progression in his first year.

We can really say that the Canadiens' 2023 draft, which seemed quite weak, is turning out to be excellent.

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Home run for Kent Hughes in his deal with the Avalanche

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