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Huge acquisition demanded by the Canadiens for a star player like Artemi Panarin, according to a journalist

Published March 9, 2024 at 6:21 PM

Since Jeff Gorton was hired by the Canadiens and the team is in rebuilding mode, there's an expectation for a significant move, akin to what he did with the Rangers when he signed Artemi Panarin.

It's undeniable that Panarin's signing propelled the Rangers to the top of the standings rather quickly, and everyone would love to see the Canadiens experience a similar fate.

However, the reality is that players like Panarin are not available on the market every day, and it's even rarer for them to be drawn to Montreal. It also takes luck to complete such a signature.

According to journalist Réjean Tremblay, it should have happened before the trade deadline.

"It takes another start. Absolutely. Jake Allen's departure, even if it were for a dozen hockey sticks, needs to make room under the salary cap. With the current six-million-dollar gap and the three million cleared by Allen's departure, Jeff Gorton could pull off the Artemi Panarin move with the Rangers. Bring in a true star, a veteran, a prodigy, to send the signal that the team has no more excuses. That it's time to work hard and win. The end of complacency must be signaled in March if we want to be serious next October."

Of course, it's easy to say now that we know Allen is gone and Hughes didn't acquire a star player. However, there's one detail I really like in what Tremblay is saying.

Bringing in a star who produces sends a clear message to the rest of the team about the management's intentions. At some point, players and coaches need to feel that there is work being done on the second floor to support them.

Now, it remains to be seen if Hughes will be able to bring in that star player this summer. Let's hope so because the Canadiens are due for a change of fortunes.

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Huge acquisition demanded by the Canadiens for a star player like Artemi Panarin, according to a journalist

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