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Important decision by Kent Hughes: goodbye to the 5th pick?

Published May 11, 2024 at 8:24 PM

Kent Hughes has always said it; he wants to improve the team in the immediate term, but not at the expense of the Canadiens' long-term plan to build.

When I hear these words, I immediately think that the general manager would never trade a 5th overall pick unless the offer involves a young player who can help the Canadiens now and in the future.

According to François Gagnon, Hughes should absolutely trade this selection.

"The Canadiens need concrete results now much more than long-term results through the draft. Could this 5th overall pick this year, which was used to acquire David Reinbacher last year, be used to immediately improve the team in a trade scenario? Personally, that's the scenario I would prefer if I were the Canadiens."

- François Gagnon

Many fans agree with Gagnon. Personally, I believe a bit more patience is warranted. A 5th overall pick can become an excellent player!

If we go by Norman Flynn's proposal, Gagnon's colleague, the Canadiens' 5th pick would be a nice offer to acquire a player like Mason McTavish.

It remains to be seen what Kent Hughes could receive.

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François Gagnon aimerait voir Kent Hughes échanger son 5e choix total
May 11   |   394 answers
Important decision by Kent Hughes: goodbye to the 5th pick?

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