Ivan Demidov dispels doubts to the great delight of Kent Hughes

David St-Jean
June 5, 2024  (8:43)

Ivan Demidov
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The Canadiens and Kent Hughes will have the chance to pick at the 5th spot on June 28th, giving them the opportunity to draft a very talented young player like Ivan Demidov.

It's still unclear if the forward will be available at that position, but one thing is certain: he is extremely talented and could transform the image of an NHL franchise.
Similar to Matvei Michkov last year and nearly all Russian players under contract in the KHL, there is a notable hesitance among NHL teams. Michkov, in my humble opinion, should have been picked 2nd overall last year, ahead of Leo Carlsson and Adam Fantilli, but he ultimately went 7th. This shows how much his status and contract worried NHL executives.
Ivan Demidov is also a Russian player who, theoretically, should be selected 2nd overall this year, behind Macklin Celebrini. However, the young forward does not have the same approach as Michkov and is keen on reassuring NHL executives in his own way.
"According to what was learned while lingering in the lobby of the chic hotel where the NHL elite is gathered this week, the Demidov camp assures that the young Russian's plan is to make the jump to North America at the end of his contract in Russia, which is after the next season." - Kevin Dubé, TVA Sports

Moreover, Demidov has received very enticing offers to stay in the KHL and sign a longer-term contract, like Michkov, but he has refused all of them.
"It seems that the SKA wanted to ensure that Demidov would agree to a long-term deal with the team, which the Russian player's camp refused in order to keep his options open and ensure he could make the jump to North America if he wished, without having to wait three years like Michkov." - Kevin Dubé, TVA Sports

Additionally, his camp will be available to meet with all NHL teams that wish to see him before the draft, something his compatriot did not do last year.
Indeed, he will be available during a private evaluation camp to be held from June 18th to 23rd, while the draft is on June 28th.
Currently in Miami to continue his rehabilitation following an end-of-season injury, Demidov has really good intentions and is more determined than ever to play in the NHL. It's truly his dream, and he wants to be drafted very early.
In any case, he is doing everything to make it happen. If he really slips to the 5th spot, Kent Hughes will be very fortunate, and so will we as Montreal Canadiens fans.
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Ivan Demidov dispels doubts to the great delight of Kent Hughes

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