Ivan Demidov
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Ivan Demidov in Montreal: it's becoming very serious and it's huge

Published May 12, 2024 at 11:09 PM

Last year, an exceptionally talented player slipped to the 7th pick in the draft, when the Flyers selected Matvei Michkov.

This year, an equally talented player, maybe even more so, is available and is projected to go 2nd overall, and his name is Ivan Demidov.

The major difference between the two Russians is that Demidov doesn't have a three-year contract in the KHL, something Michkov has. Additionally, he doesn't have the reputation of being a disliked teammate.

According to Craig Button, a draft expert, Kent Hughes absolutely must pay the price to move down to the 2nd pick and draft him. If the price isn't outrageous, it has to be done.

Demidov would automatically help the Canadiens' top 6. He's very dominant, having scored 60 points in 30 games in the MHL.

There's also the possibility that the Hawks select a defenseman, which shouldn't be ruled out. If that's the case, the Habs have a chance.

Kent Hughes is doing his homework

Demidov's agent confirmed that his client has been contacted by the Canadiens and that there is genuine interest. It's safe to say things are getting very serious.

Furthermore, the Canadiens have been granted permission to watch his games online. That's very telling!

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Ivan Demidov in Montreal: it's becoming very serious and it's huge

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