Journalist Renaud Lavoie defends Cole Caufield with a hard-hitting piece

Carl Vaillancourt
June 2, 2024  (10:35 PM)

Cole Caufield
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After gaining media attention with a trade rumor suggesting parting ways with Cole Caufield to obtain the sixth overall pick in the 2024 amateur draft, journalist Renaud Lavoie provides important clarifications according to his perspective and silences Mathias Brunet.

The TVA Sports reporter felt the need to set the record straight and, more importantly, to convey a very clear message about these unfounded rumors.
The mere idea of trading a natural scorer like Cole Caufield for a 2024 draft pick is far from ideal unless the price paid significantly enhances the Canadiens' chances within a three-year window. Are there any offensive prospects on the list who could be worth more than Cole Caufield in three years? The list is thin. Could any of these players be available at the sixth spot? It's not impossible, but it would be a highly risky bet for Kent Hughes.
"Cole Caufield for a draft pick? Really?" - Renaud Lavoie

His article, published on Québecor's platforms, is interesting and worth sharing.

Renaud Lavoie would absolutely not trade Cole Caufield for Utah's first-round pick

Let's remember that this trade proposal has caused quite a stir earlier this week.
"In the past few days, journalist Mathias Brunet talked about the possibility of trading Cole Caufield for a draft pick during a discussion on BPM Sports. Not the first pick, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth, nor the fifth (because it belongs to the Canadiens), but the sixth pick in the amateur draft..." - Renaud Lavoie

"What has Cole Caufield done wrong to deserve such a suggestion? I guess the only possible argument is that he didn't reach the 50-goal mark last season, as many people hoped before the season began. So, 28 goals, 37 assists, 65 points, and a -4 rating are so disastrous that we're going to trade him for just a draft pick? Oh boy." - Renaud Lavoie

Renaud Lavoie also makes a connection with the excellent Jack Hughes, a former teammate of Cole Caufield with the US National Under-18 Team. To date, Hughes is the only player from the 2019 draft to have scored more goals than Cole Caufield. This is significant given that Caufield was drafted 15th overall.
Moreover, Caufield has scored more goals per game than Hughes.
It's rare for us to take a stand, but credit must be given to Renaud Lavoie for his thorough arguments supported by concrete facts.
In previous years, many fans and hockey insiders criticized Cole Caufield for holding onto the puck too long, not always making the right play, having significant defensive shortcomings, and being too one-dimensional in his style of play.
While he may not be a future Frank Selke Trophy winner, we can assert that his -4 rating demonstrates significant progress in this aspect of the game, especially as he benefits from a responsible center in Nick Suzuki.
"So, I'll leave you with your sixth pick in the next draft, no matter his name, and I'll keep Cole Caufield with my eyes closed." - Renaud Lavoie

Caufield is part of the solution.
If you were Kent Hughes, would you trade Cole Caufield for the sixth overall pick in the 2024 amateur draft?
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Journalist Renaud Lavoie defends Cole Caufield with a hard-hitting piece

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