Kent Hughes drops a bomb on the Ivan Demidov situation

Carl Vaillancourt
July 4, 2024  (9:44)

Kent Hughes
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A true home run from the last amateur draft, the Montreal Canadiens' first pick, Ivan Demidov, could find himself in the Tricolore's uniform as early as next season. It appears that all signs indicate that this will be his last season in Russia.

At least, that is what Kent Hughes has claimed.
The top name on Kent Hughes' list, the Russian forward was at the top of many teams' lists, as we have learned in recent hours. There were numerous phone calls to move up to the third or fourth spot on draft day.
If Demidov still has one year left on his contract with SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL for the 2024-2025 season, it would not be surprising if he does the same as a certain Russian compatriot, Matvei Michkov, and crosses the Atlantic (or the Pacific depending on the route taken).
This means that Demidov should join the Canadiens in the 2025-2026 season. But wait! General Manager Kent Hughes revealed that his very first draft pick should arrive in Montreal sooner than expected.

Kent Hughes Announces Ivan Demidov Should Join the Montreal Canadiens Lineup Next Year

Could he finish the next season with the Habs?
As reported by the site Habsolumentfan.com, the Canadiens' GM stated during his press conference on July 1st that he expects to see Demidov in Montreal as early as next year.
In reality, "next year" means 2025, as the KHL season ends three and a half weeks earlier than the NHL's. The season ends on March 23rd, and the playoffs are much shorter. Could the young Demidov potentially join the Canadiens as soon as his team is eliminated?
That would be surprising, since SKA is at the top of the standings every year, as they have many elite players, but nothing is impossible! One thing is certain, fans will be hoping for an early elimination. Demidov could then come and finish the season. The Tricolore theoretically plays its last game on April 16, 2025.
In the worst-case scenario, he will be in Montreal for training camp for the 2025-2026 season. It is excellent news to see him so eager to join the Habs.
Credit: Habsolumentfan
Kent Hughes expects Ivan Demidov to arrive next season
Kent Hughes drops a bomb on the Ivan Demidov situation

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