Juraj Slafkovsky and Macklin Celebrini
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Macklin Celebrini against Juraj Slafkovsky: incredible response

Published May 16, 2024 at 9:37

Macklin Celebrini will be quite the hockey player and he will undoubtedly be the first overall pick of the San Jose Sharks.

Juraj Slafkovsky is progressing tremendously and he's becoming a real beast. We're seeing him right now at the World Championship. He's dominating the ice and proving that his progress isn't solely due to Nick Suzuki's brilliance.

Slovakia has won three games in a row, even defeating the Americans along the way. The U.S. was considered the favorite before the tournament, imagine that!

Anyway, our colleagues at Habsetlnh.com conducted a survey out of curiosity to see if fans would trade Slafkovsky for Celebrini. The response is striking!

Just a few months ago, almost everyone would have accepted such an offer. Today, 77% of respondents wouldn't make that trade, and rightfully so.

"Wow! Slafkovsky went from being a possible high first-round pick in a weak draft year (in 2022), to a first overall pick in a weak draft, to a player fans would take over an excellent first overall pick in an excellent draft year. (in 2024)"

- William Nadeau

It seems like Slaf just keeps improving, and his ceiling is truly enormous. He could really become one of the best wingers in the NHL, as his captain Suzuki has said.

With 50 points, including 20 goals this season, the future belongs to Slaf. Personally, I wouldn't trade him for Celebrini either, even though Celebrini will be a fantastic player in the NHL.

Slaf fits too well with the Canadiens. He fills a huge need while also having the personality that matches the city and the team. And as a bonus, he's becoming a real threat!

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Transaction Juraj Slafkovsky vs Macklin Celebrini: un retour inattendu
May 16   |   357 answers
Macklin Celebrini against Juraj Slafkovsky: incredible response

And you, would you trade Juraj Slafkovsky for Macklin Celebrini?

Yes8423.5 %
No27376.5 %
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