Major: David Savard reacts to Kent Hughes' live transaction

Published March 7, 2024 at 7:47 PM

Here's an anecdote that might bring a smile to some. As we know, David Savard is in all the trade rumors leading up to tomorrow's deadline, and he is certainly not indifferent to what is happening.

TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau was next to David Savard when he learned about the Jacob Perreault trade earlier today. He broke the news to him live, and the defenseman's reaction is priceless!

"Meeting David Savard at the very moment I receive the trade announcement.

Me out loud: 'Well. A 1st trade.'

David, hearing that: 'Oh yeah? Who?'

-Jan Mysak. For Jacob Perreault.

David: 'Things are starting to move. I'm shutting off my phone until tomorrow!'

- Via TVA Sports journalist

It's a humorous moment, but it also speaks volumes. David doesn't want to be distracted by the rumors, but at the same time, he probably wouldn't close his phone if he expected to be traded.

We'll find out tomorrow afternoon at the trade deadline!

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Major: David Savard reacts to Kent Hughes' live transaction

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