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MAJOR: It's now confirmed for Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 21, 2024 at 9:56

That's really significant news.

We know there have been many rumors surrounding the possibility of Trevor Zegras joining the Canadiens. The forward is reportedly available on the market, although Pat Verbeek is not in a rush to trade him.

After all, the Ducks' GM still has two years to make a deal before the end of Zegras' current contract. He will likely wait for the right offer.

Many fans and analysts in Montreal hope that Kent Hughes will make an offer to the Ducks to acquire him, and it is now confirmed. There is genuine interest from the Canadiens' GM.

"I made calls this week about Zegras (to high-ranking NHL officials), and here's what I was told.

I'll be cautious, but I can confirm that the Ducks have listened to offers for Trevor Zegras.

They haven't called teams to offer him directly, but other GMs have called for a trade involving Zegras, and the Ducks haven't hung up. They have listened carefully.

It's not a priority for them to trade him.

And I can tell you that, among the 4 teams that have called the Ducks for a trade involving Trevor Zegras, the Montreal Canadiens are one of them.

[The Montreal Canadiens have called the Ducks for Zegras. It's confirmed and true]." - Pierre LeBrun

This is the first time we have confirmation that Kent Hughes and the Canadiens are genuinely interested in Zegras, and the GM has an idea of the price he might have to pay to acquire him.

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MAJOR: It's now confirmed for Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

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