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Major: Logan Mailloux to Play with the Canadiens This Season

Published March 17, 2024 at 0:30

Logan Mailloux is already one of the top offensive defensemen in the entire American Hockey League, despite taking his first strides as a professional. It's quite remarkable.

He's clearly been a pillar for the Rocket since the beginning of the season, and what he brings to the team is simply outstanding. One can sense that he's already ready to make the jump to the NHL, and according to Max Truman, it will happen this season.

In the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, Max made a bold statement and seems very confident.

"According to what I've been told, by the end of the season, if there are no injuries or issues with recall limits, Logan will come play in Montreal. It's not a 'he should' or 'maybe,' he will play with the Canadiens." - Maxime Truman

Honestly, I don't have too much trouble believing it. The Canadiens want to prepare for the next season, as this one no longer counts. Having Logan play a few games without any pressure would be beneficial for him, especially if the organization wants to bring him to Montreal as soon as next year.

In my opinion, it all depends on the Rocket's playoff race. If it comes down to the wire, I don't see how Kent Hughes could recall the youngster and send the message to Laval that the playoffs aren't important. It would deprive them of their best defenseman.

However, with the impending arrival of David Reinbacher and Adam Engstrom in Laval, it could still happen. To be continued...

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Major: Logan Mailloux to Play with the Canadiens This Season

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