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Major news for Kirby Dach, and it's a real twist of events

Published February 14, 2024 at 11:03

Kirby Dach got injured during the second game of the season and was sidelined until next year. For a young player in full development, it's terrible news.

However, Dach has managed to stay positive despite the setback, participating in practices and games with his teammates. He continues to make progress even though he is far from the ice.

In a surprising turn of events this morning, he was on the ice and looked very fluid.

"Kirby Dach skated alone this morning in a nice sports tracksuit. A short session but still." - Alexandre Gascon

He is back well ahead of schedule, but it's all part of the plan. Similar to Carey Price, who was seen on the ice several months before his return, Dach can walk and do some physical activities without pain, but it's just a step in the rehabilitation process.

Just because he seems comfortable doesn't mean he's close to a return to play. His knee might swell initially, and he needs to continue strengthening it.

The positive aspect is that his rehabilitation appears to be progressing well, and if the Canadiens were in the playoff picture, he might be able to return before the season ends.

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Major news for Kirby Dach, and it's a real twist of events

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