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Max Pacioretty had a very emotional message for Montreal Canadiens fans

Published February 17, 2024 at 11:38 PM

Max Pacioretty has come a long way, having missed almost the entirety of the last two seasons due to an Achilles heel injury.

On Saturday night, he was back at the Bell Centre for a rare occasion since leaving the Canadiens, and the former captain agreed to deliver a heartfelt interview with Renaud Lavoie.

"I experienced the best moments of my life here; three of my children were born during my time with the Habs, and Montreal will always have a special place in my heart. They surprised me in the corner of the rink, it's hard not to be emotional. I'm proud of what I accomplished here, and it's enjoyable to come back to Montreal and share the moment with them." - Max Pacioretty, TVA Sports

It's incredible to hear him say that the best moments of his life were in Montreal. He's not just talking about hockey but about his life in general.

However, when he was in Vegas, Pacioretty wasn't as complimentary about the Canadiens, and that's how it goes for many people. In the moment, the pressure is relieved, and the fresh start feels good.

Then, they come back to the Bell Centre on a Saturday night, and they get chills and reminisce about how special it is to play for the Canadiens.

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Max Pacioretty had a very emotional message for Montreal Canadiens fans

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