Nick Suzuki's girlfriend confirms the rumor about him and Cole Caufield

David St-Jean
June 16, 2024  (9:54 PM)

Nick Suzuki and Caitlin Fitzgerald
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Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield seem inseparable on and off the ice, but when it comes to socializing, Nick is rarely seen with Cole.

Cole is often spotted with Christian Dvorak or even Chris Wideman. Meanwhile, Nick and Cole are usually together on the road between practices and at charity events.
There have been some enjoyable moments for fans, like when they went paddle boating together, but it seems they are spending less time together as time goes on.
In an interview for the Montreal Canadiens, Nick's girlfriend, Caitlin Fitzgerald, addressed this topic and clarified their relationship. They are very, very good friends.
"It's no secret that Nick and Cole [Caufield] are close friends. You see their friendship in a different light, so what is it about the two of them that make them get along so well?

Cole's personality bounces off Nick's so well. Nick is so calm and chill, and Cole is so energetic and so fun. I just think that their opposite personalities mix really, really well together and when they're together, it's like they're in their own world. Yeah, they love each other!"

This is great news. We didn't doubt their friendship, but it's reassuring to know they are still close after several years together, especially as they form the core of the team.
Caitlin also shared more personal details about her relationship with Nick.
"We're both from London, Ontario. [] We kind of just knew each other through mutual friends. He had been living out of town playing hockey, but we just kind of connected at the time – 2016 or 2017 – on Instagram and Snapchat and the rest is history."

This means they have been together for a long time despite their young age. Caitlin also revealed what annoys her the most about Nick. She was very open.
"Does he do anything that annoys you and if so, what might it be?

Yes! [laughs] He's quite messy at home. He'll take off his outfit from the day and leave it on the floor. I'll find piles of clothes beside his bed. But when asked, he will make sure he cleans up."

So, Nick Suzuki is messy! Good to know!
All jokes aside, you can watch the full interview at the link below. I highly recommend it.
Source : Montreal Canadiens
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Nick Suzuki's girlfriend confirms the rumor about him and Cole Caufield

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