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Panelist Norman Flynn proposed another surprising trade

Published May 9, 2024 at 8:31 PM

After the famous quote that has been mentioned on numerous occasions in the past regarding the Wayne Simmonds vs Nick Suzuki transaction, Norman Flynn struck again with a surprising statement. The RDS panelist proposed to Kent Hughes to trade the fifth overall pick for Anaheim Ducks' forward, Mason McTavish.

Certainly, one can understand Norman Flynn's fondness for Mason McTavish's style. All NHL teams would undoubtedly love to have him on their roster. At 21 years old, McTavish is already making a name for himself in Anaheim.

On the airwaves of the show "l'Antichambre," Norman proposed the following trade offer:

Mason McTavish traded to the Canadiens for the 5th overall pick in 2024

According to him, the Anaheim Ducks might be tempted to acquire the fifth overall pick, especially since they have the third pick in the amateur draft on June 28.

What's the logic?

Firstly, Mason McTavish ranks among the top three most promising offensive forwards for the Anaheim Ducks alongside Trevor Zegras and Leo Carlsson.

Why would the Ducks trade a 21-year-old player who scored 17 and 19 goals in the previous two seasons?

It should be noted that Mason McTavish was the third overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft. He is a left-handed center player standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 220 pounds. He can use his shoulders and size effectively, and he possesses the qualities of a sniper capable of reaching a 40-goal potential in the Bettman circuit when mature.

Since his arrival in the NHL, Craig McTavish's son has scored 88 points, including 38 goals, in 153 NHL games. This season, he was troubled by an injury, causing him to miss 18 regular-season games. In 64 games, he scored 19 goals and added 23 assists for a total of 42 points.

The Anaheim Ducks scored 204 goals in the 2023-2024 season, ranking the team 30th in the Bettman circuit. Even the Canadiens scored 32 more goals. This indicates the team's struggle to score goals. Therefore, it would be surprising if the Anaheim Ducks were to draft a player who wouldn't be able to help the team within the next two years, thus prolonging their rebuilding process.

The only advantage to such a transaction is the dream of finishing last in the 2024-2025 season and getting Hagens or, even better, finishing last in 2025-2026 and drafting Gavin McKenna first overall. However, there are no certainties... The team in 32nd place only has an 18.5% chance of drafting first overall.

Do you like Norman's proposal?

Check it out here:

Credit: Rumeursdetransaction.com - Major offer made involving the Canadiens and the Ducks

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Panelist Norman Flynn proposed another surprising trade

If you're the GM of Anaheim Ducks, do you accept to trade McTavish for the 5th overall pick of 2024 NHL draft?

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