Reinforcements in sight for the Canadiens with Mantha: let's go

David St-Jean
May 25, 2024  (3:11 PM)

Anthony Mantha
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We constantly wonder what Kent Hughes will do to improve his offense, and when we look at potential free agents, the name Anthony Mantha is starting to circulate.

Indeed, the Longueuil native may not have become the player we thought he would be, but he is still useful to a team, and it would be very surprising if the Golden Knights sign him.
Mantha's qualities are undeniable, and the statistics prove it.
"The 6'5" forward would bring indispensable size to the forward lineup and, on top of that, he is from Longueuil, Quebec. NHL Edge gives an overview of the qualities he brings to a team. His top skating speed is in the 74th percentile, and he ranks even higher for speed bursts over 20 and 22 mph.

His skating distance every 60 minutes is in the 67th percentile, so he does much more than just stand around. Mantha's maximum shot speed is 96 mph, which puts him in the 82nd percentile. He also ranks in the 69th percentile for shots from high-danger areas, and his shooting percentage from all locations on the ice is in the 99th percentile."

- Bob Trask

The only problem with Mantha is that he might still fetch a significant amount of money for his next contract. He scored 24 goals this season and has interesting assets.
According to AFP Analytics, here is what his next contract in the NHL could look like.
"Another caveat is that he will be looking for a long-term contract, and it is unlikely to be cheap – AFP Analytics projects this contract to be three years long and cost $4.4 million per year. He will be 30 years old at the start of the season, which might not seem ideal for the Canadiens, but a three-year contract could align with the timeline for this year's first-round pick to replace him at its expiration." - Bob Trask

Mantha would have been the Canadiens' 3rd highest scorer this season, while he played for the 28th best attack. This is quite indicative of his scoring talent.
Would you like Kent Hughes to acquire him to play in the top 6?
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Reinforcements in sight for the Canadiens with Mantha: let's go

Would you like Kent Hughes to sign Anthony Mantha for three years at $4.5 million per year?

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