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Self-reflection: Kent Hughes about to make a big decision regarding Jake Allen?

Published February 13, 2024 at 11:28

We've been talking about the goaltending trio since the start of the season, and it's still not resolved by February. It's a problem, even if the organization seems to think it's not urgent.

Samuel Montembeault has good statistics, but he's pretty much the only one. Jake Allen is no longer able to make a difference. It's not necessarily easier for Cayden Primeau.

The goal of a backup goalie is to give the number one goalie a break while still giving the team a chance to win. In their recent outings, the two backups let in 6 and 7 goals.

It's hard to blame them when they sometimes play only one game in a month. In short, it was working well at the beginning of the season, but it simply isn't working anymore.

Observer Marc-Olivier Beaudoin summed up the situation well. Regardless of the solution, one goalie has to go.

"I understand he's a veteran and all, but they should consider waiving Jake Allen. He has no trade value, and the goaltending trio has lasted long enough. Cayden Primeau needs to keep the net from time to time to hope to develop." - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

It must be admitted that Hughes doesn't seem to be able to trade him. The GM sees value in Allen, but the reality is that his salary is too high, for too long, and his statistics are too ordinary.

It remains to be seen what Hughes will be able to do, as he should not be underestimated. Personally, I would also lean towards waiving him.

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Self-reflection: Kent Hughes about to make a big decision regarding Jake Allen?

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