Team change for Josh Anderson of the Canadiens: Kent Hughes must take action

David St-Jean
July 6, 2024  (7:38 PM)

Josh Anderson
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To say the least, Josh Anderson had a very disappointing season and hasn't really turned things around.

Despite his efforts, the forward isn't producing and doesn't seem to fit into the system implemented by Martin St-Louis. The coach has openly stated that he won't give up on Anderson as long as Anderson himself doesn't give up, but he might be forced to reconsider.
The reality is that Josh had every opportunity to prove himself last year, playing in the top 6, on the power play, and in various favorable positions to make an impact, yet he didn't capitalize.
It's troubling to see the number of golden opportunities he missed during the season. At some point, results are needed, or decisions must be made.
Regarding this, journalist Stu Cowan, who follows the Canadiens for The Montreal Gazette, believes Anderson should be sent to Laval via waivers. Ouch!
"Head coach Martin St. Louis gave Anderson every opportunity to find his game last season, but the 30-year-old really looked lost at times. When asked about Anderson's struggles last season, St. Louis said: «If you give up on yourself, then I'll give up on you.»

St. Louis didn't believe Anderson gave up on himself, but at some point St. Louis will have to give up on Anderson next season if he continues to struggle and other forwards perform better than him. We saw the positive impact sending veteran forward Joel Armia down to the AHL's Laval Rocket last season had on his performance. It wouldn't be a shock to see management do the same thing with Anderson." - Stu Cowan

I agree that Joel Armia was revitalized by his time in Laval and greatly benefited from it. He's no longer seen as a burden at the moment.
However, Armia was dragging his feet and needed a wake-up call. In Anderson's case, the issue lies with his game vision and skills, not his effort.
Would a stint in Laval benefit him? I highly doubt it, but a trade to a team that favors a north-south playing style could do him a lot of good.
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Team change for Josh Anderson of the Canadiens: Kent Hughes must take action

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