The Blue Jackets GM drops a bomb a week before the 2024 NHL Draft

Carl Vaillancourt
June 20, 2024  (6:04 PM)

Trevor Timmins
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With the selection just ahead of that of the Montreal Canadiens, the Columbus Blue Jackets organization, newly led by Don Waddell and Trevor Timmins, has made a rather unexpected announcement regarding their fourth overall pick. Let's just say that Kent Hughes couldn't have hoped for better news!

This isn't even a rumor. The former general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes and the new big boss of Columbus is ready to listen to offers to part with his fourth overall pick in the current amateur draft. Could Kent Hughes be interested in moving up a spot or perhaps sacrificing some young players to get both the fourth and fifth picks in the draft?
This would defy logic!
This announcement is far from confirmed, but it could have a significant impact on Kent Hughes' future selection. Who will draft in the fourth spot? A team with a defensive or offensive need? Demidov or Lindstrom? Dickinson, Buium, Silayev, or Parekh?
For instance, could the Tricolore give up a draft pick in 2024 or 2025 to move up a spot when the time comes to select the player that the Hughes-Gorton duo desires? It's a potential avenue!
Without a doubt, we can say that Waddell's declaration is major!
«Don Waddell says, 'we are open.' If an interesting offer comes up, they will consider trading the 4th overall pick.»

Via journalist Mark Scheig

The Columbus Blue Jackets and Don Waddell put their 4th overall pick on the trade market

Following announcements from the new Utah franchise (6th pick), the Ottawa Senators (7th pick), and the New Jersey Devils (10th pick), the Columbus Blue Jackets (4th pick) are now adding themselves to the list of teams ready to trade a quality prospect if the offer is interesting.
We are talking about Columbus (4th), Utah (6th), Ottawa (7th), and New Jersey (10th).
Wow, things could really shake up next week in Las Vegas. We don't know if the teams will get what they want, but we can say they know how to create suspense leading up to the amateur draft, which begins on June 28 in Las Vegas.
Details to follow.
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The Blue Jackets GM drops a bomb a week before the 2024 NHL Draft

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