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The future of Martin St-Louis with the Canadiens is scary

Published March 27, 2024 at 11:42 PM

Réjean Tremblay issued a serious warning to fans regarding Martin St-Louis's future in Montreal. With his words, it's frightening, but he's absolutely right.

Indeed, we tend to think that the coach is here to stay, but we must keep in mind that he could leave at any moment. This is evident in the story with his son, which gives us the clearest proof.

Let it be known, it was the right decision, and Martin did what he had to do and what every family man should do, but he's not like everyone else. His reality is quite different.

"But the very serious health condition of his son Mason, which forced St-Louis to set aside his team, gives us pause to think. [...]

Have you realized that Martin St-Louis has been living in Montreal for three years, and his three boys, teenagers during the first season, and his wife live in the family home in Connecticut?

Have you realized that Martin St-Louis is separated from his family and his wife ten months out of the year? Apart from Christmas, apart from All-Star Week, and apart from a few days here and there.

On Saturday nights, Martin St-Louis is behind the CH bench. During the week, when he's on the road, if his wife or one of his boys calls him, he's often eating with one or more of his assistants. Or with Chantal Machabée or a member of the organization." - Réjean Tremblay

Martin's priority is his family. He will be with the Canadiens as long as it's possible, but if a situation were to arise where he had to leave the team for good, he wouldn't hesitate to do so for his family.

"As long as Martin St-Louis deems it worth depriving himself of his world ten months out of the year, he will be the coach of the Canadiens. But we shouldn't take anything for granted." - Réjean Tremblay

So let's appreciate having an exceptional coach in Montreal while we have the luxury of having him. Let's hope that everything will be fine in the future, but let's not take St-Louis for granted.

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The future of Martin St-Louis with the Canadiens is scary

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