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Total surprise: the Canadiens' pick has been identified

Published May 3, 2024 at 11:49

The Canadiens will have a top 7 pick this year, and all eyes are on the next impact player Kent Hughes will select.

Players like Ivan Demidov, Cole Eiserman, Berkly Catton, Tij Iginla, or Cayden Lindstrom are being considered, but there's another player who has caught the attention of the front office.

We're talking about Beckett Sennecke, who plays in the OHL. According to Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, the organization has fallen in love with him.

"I had very interesting discussions this morning with someone close to the draft for the Canadiens. Here are the main points:

We're looking to add size at all costs with the top 5-7 pick. No 'small player,' unless Ivan Demidov is available, given his talent, they'll probably make an exception. But Berkly Catton doesn't seem to be a conceivable option for them (at this time). And it would be very surprising if they drafted a defenseman unless the context really calls for it.

The Canadiens are really in love with Beckett Sennecke. To the point where he would be one of the candidates with their first-round pick. That being said, I don't think they would select him ahead of Cayden Lindstrom or Ivan Demidov. By the way, I know McCagg has already talked about Sennecke, but I don't know exactly what he said and if he directly linked him to the Habs. But I can confirm that they see him in their plans.

That's all for now. It's little, but that's it!

Marc-Olivier Beaudoin"

The 6'2" and 175 lbs forward is listed between the 15th and 25th place in mock drafts. Imagine the general surprise if he's selected in the top 7.

However, I have more of a feeling that Kent Hughes will try to beat the Jets' pick to make his acquisition around the 15th overall.

This story is one to follow, but one thing is certain, Marc-Olivier Beaudoin isn't just talking without basis. The Canadiens are really in love with Beckett Sennecke.

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Total surprise: the Canadiens' pick has been identified

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