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Tough Times for Brendan Gallagher: He Breaks the Silence, and It Breaks Hearts

Published March 20, 2024 at 11:41 PM

It's in difficult times that we seek solace with the people we love, especially when health is involved. We see this clearly with Martin St-Louis right now, who is by his son's bedside.

For Brendan Gallagher, it's his mother who is very ill. She has a rare form of brain cancer, and her life expectancy is quite short. It must be incredibly challenging for him to be away from her.

With his usual courage, he puts on his work boots every day and gives his all with every shift. He has also shown a lot of strength in talking about it with Eric Engels. We know that Gally isn't one to talk about his personal life.

"I've sometimes had difficulties... especially the first year, there were tough moments."

"I think having Emma (my fiancée) at home is very important to me; I can talk to her. Especially when we're far from family, I call as much as possible, but it's been tough."

-Brendan Gallagher

Let's just say that every goal must have a special significance for the forward. He's going through tough times, and he must think of his mother every moment.

We wish all the courage in the world to the Gallagher family, but from what we know, it's they who could teach us a lesson in courage.

Link to the fundraising page for brain cancer.

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Tough Times for Brendan Gallagher: He Breaks the Silence, and It Breaks Hearts

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