Trade rumors : The sacrifice of Kaiden Guhle for Mitch Marner?

Carl Vaillancourt
April 30, 2024  (10:55 PM)

Kaiden Guhle
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At the edge of the precipice, the Toronto Maple Leafs must find a way to turn the tide against the Boston Bruins on Tuesday night, or else management will have to take another turn in hopes of making a playoff run. These could be Mitch Marner's last moments in Toronto!

The core of this team can't seem to find a way to excel in the late-season playoffs. Auston Matthews can't be traded after 69 goals, John Tavares is aging and his value has dropped, while William Nylander is the most complete player and the most consistent performer in the playoffs.
So, you've gathered that Mitch Marner's time in Toronto seems limited, right?

A trade involving Mitch Marner and Kaiden Guhle between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs?

During an episode aired on TVA Sports, a trade involving defenseman Kaiden Guhle as a centerpiece and some young prospects might entice the Maple Leafs' general manager to part ways with Mitch Marner.
Would you take Mitch Marner in Montreal? For Tony Marinaro, it's a "think about it carefully" if the Toronto Maple Leafs were really to trade the star forward.

However, Marinaro wouldn't be willing to give up Kaiden Guhle, as he's defensively solid and part of the team's plans for success. Jean-Charles Lajoie was left speechless by this revelation from his good friend Tony Marinaro.

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Marinaro wouldn't give up Kaiden Guhle in exchange for Mitch Marner. Wow. It's important to understand that he's talking about the centerpiece here, as the price to pay for acquiring a guy who scores 90 to 110 points per season is much higher than a top-4 defenseman in Montreal, with all due respect to Kaiden Guhle.
Honestly, Tony Marinaro's point may be hard to grasp, but I think it's mostly about the DNA the Canadiens want to build to eventually win in the playoffs. Can a player like Mitch Marner adapt to an environment like Montreal? Can he help the team reach the next level in the playoffs?
I think those are the questions making Tony Marinaro hesitate.
Kaiden Guhle is only 22 years old and already plays like a veteran on the ice. Behind Michael Matheson, he's probably the organization's second-best defenseman in terms of consistency and talent at the moment. He'll undoubtedly be an important player in the team's future.
As for Mitch Marner, he's been averaging over a point per game for seasons. He's produced between 93 and 110 points in each of the last six seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's hard to ask for better offensive production. And let's not forget he's only 26. He still has many good seasons ahead of him!
His ability to defend his territory and his role on the penalty kill should not be overlooked either! He's much more complete than he was a few years ago.
Mitch Marner has 639 points in 576 NHL regular-season games, and he also has 50 points in 55 playoff games. Can we really blame him for not taking his team to the Stanley Cup Final?
Wouldn't it be rather the chronic inability of management to find a number one goaltender? Everyone who's been through Toronto has lost value on the market.
As for Kaiden Guhle, a 22-year-old left-handed defenseman, he's been slowed down by injuries since entering the Bettman circuit, but his potential is still high to this day. He's collected 40 points in 114 career NHL games.
And you, would you sacrifice Kaiden Guhle in a trade to acquire Mitch Marner's services?
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Trade rumors : The sacrifice of Kaiden Guhle for Mitch Marner?

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