An ex-Canadiens figure seeks revenge against Gary Bettman, and it's a big deal

David St-Jean
June 30, 2024  (9:04 PM)

Michael Andlauer
Photo credit: The Hamilton Spectator

A revenge was noted in recent days against Gary Bettman, and it involves a former Canadiens associate.

Not just anyone: Michael Andlauer, the former co-owner and current owner of the Ottawa Senators. You must suspect it's significant.
In fact, the commissioner requested teams not to make major announcements on game days during the Stanley Cup Final, to give the final all the media visibility.
That's when 15 minutes before the 7th and final game, the Senators announced they had completed a trade with the Bruins.
If we remember, Bettman handed down a very severe punishment, removing a first-round pick from the Sens for the Evgeny Dadonov situation. It was an error of the previous administration, but the Sens still got penalized.
"At his first press conference as the new owner, Andlauer addressed the situation, not hiding his displeasure with the league's decision that just cost him a first-round pick for an event he had no control over before his arrival.

But they do say that revenge is a dish best served cold."

- Marco Normandin

With the announcement of the Linus Ullmark trade 15 minutes before the national anthems, it took away some visibility from the 7th game, and Gary Bettman must have been very furious.
According to many, it's clearly a revenge move by the Senators.
"The Sens announcing the Ullmark trade 15 minutes before Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final - the timing of which Gary Bettman must hate - is obviously payback for this, right?"

- HabsLinks, discussing Ottawa's penalty

One could say his move was successful. There shouldn't be any sanctions for this act, but you can be sure that the relationship between the commissioner and the Senators is probably not at its best.
Crédit : Habsolumentfan.com
Le proprio des Sens s'est vengé de Gary Bettman de la meilleure des façons!
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An ex-Canadiens figure seeks revenge against Gary Bettman, and it's a big deal

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