Sheldon Keefe and Mitch Marner
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DISMISSAL: Things are shaking up in Toronto, it's confirmed for Keefe

Published May 9, 2024 at 10:25

Following another first-round playoff defeat, changes were expected for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

It's incredible that such a talented team is unable to advance far in the playoffs year after year. The vote of confidence has lasted long enough.

There were many rumors and several positions were in question, but it seems the organization has found its scapegoat. The names of Sheldon Keefe (head coach), Brendan Shanahan (President), and Mitch Marner, among others, are on everyone's lips.

Ultimately, it's coach Sheldon Keefe who loses his job.

"The #leafs have fired head coach Sheldon Keefe. He has two years remaining on a contract extension that hasn't even officially kicked in yet."

- Chris Johnston

At the time of writing, his replacement has not yet been identified, but the name to keep in mind is Guy Boucher, who was one of Keefe's assistants and has a lot of experience in the NHL.

While his new two-season contract has not yet begun, Keefe finds himself without a job. This will now give him time to find a team that suits him.

Keefe is a good coach who is greatly appreciated by the players. Let's hope for the Leafs that this announcement fires them up and that things change in their favor.

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DISMISSAL: Things are shaking up in Toronto, it's confirmed for Keefe

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