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Stanley Cup: Auston Matthews' absence is worse than we thought

Published May 1, 2024 at 2:15 PM

During the 4th game of the Toronto/Boston series, the Maple Leafs' medical staff forced Auston Matthews to leave the game.

In the 5th game, the star missed the entire match. Head coach Sheldon Keefe mentioned that Matthews was sick, but according to Elliotte Friedman, it's more than that.

"Knowing it's the playoffs and we won't know exactly what happened until the end of the Leafs' journey, understand that I don't think it's that [related to an illness].

An illness doesn't last like this, so I think something else developed afterward, whether it's the consequences of that or an injury - obviously, we won't know until the Maple Leafs finish their journey, but I don't believe it's the illness [preventing Matthews from playing game #5]." - Elliotte Friedman

One thing is certain, it must be very serious for Matthews to miss the most important game of his team's season.

Whether it's due to illness or injury, it's nothing light. We know that hockey players are very tough on their bodies and endure incredible pain, especially in the playoffs.

TJ Oshie played with a broken hand with the Capitals, just to give you an idea. In short, Auston Matthews is really in bad shape, and it's very concerning for the future.

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Stanley Cup: Auston Matthews' absence is worse than we thought

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