Mark Stone's wife laughs at Gary Bettman

Carl Vaillancourt
April 30, 2024  (5:00 PM)

Mark Stone
Photo credit: USA Today

The wife of Las Vegas Golden Knights star forward Mark Stone mocked NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, and the photo made headlines in the United States. The picture went viral on the internet!

Neither Mark Stone nor his wife appear to be at fault in this story. Instead, it's NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman who is the subject of ridicule, as he has yet to address the ongoing salary cap issue during the playoffs.
Mark Stone's wife is seen laughing at a rule by Gary Bettman, according to some.
For several years now, many teams have taken advantage of the regulatory loopholes and lack of oversight regarding the long-term injured reserve list, as well as the fact that the salary cap does not apply during the playoffs. The Golden Knights' long-term injured reserve list was particularly full at the trade deadline, allowing the team's general manager to acquire Anthony Mantha, Tomas Hertl, and Noah Hanifin.
Currently, the team's salary cap must exceed $92 million, while the regular season limit is $83.5 million.
It's a more or less legitimate advantage for a club like Las Vegas. They say "respect the spirit of the law"... Well, that seems to have been missed here!
In the image above, we can see a certain scheme employed by Mark Stone.
Gary Bettman looked so foolish in this matter that even Mark Stone's wife captured a moment with a fan who replaced her husband's name with "LTIR". The main person of interest was laughing heartily.
Here's the photo in question:
"Better to laugh than to cry... Mark Stone's wife took a photo with a Golden Knights fan wearing a #61 jersey with the name: LTIR." - RDS

We reiterate, this is absolutely not Mark Stone's fault, and even less so his wife's.
It's about time Commissioner Gary Bettman put his foot down and decided to impose regulations to prevent such grotesque loopholes. It's often a double standard! Everyone remembers the case of Shea Weber in 2021. The Canadiens had to go to great lengths to have Shea Weber recognized as being on LTIR, and the NHL made it difficult for the Montreal organization. It seems the American markets get a pass.
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