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Gary Bettman Involves Himself in the Affairs of a Canadian Team, and It's Not Unanimously Welcomed

Published February 22, 2024 at 11:24 PM

Since the global pandemic hit in 2020, some countries have struggled significantly with their economy. This is the case in Canada, and it is evident in the exponential increase in almost everything, except for salaries, which are growing very slowly.

People have to tighten their belts and make choices. Often, leisure activities suffer to make ends meet, especially in small regions.

Winnipeg has the smallest fan base in the entire NHL, and even though their team is successful, their revenues are declining. We're talking about approximately a 30% decrease, which is significant for a team with championship aspirations.

Gary Bettman will then get involved in this matter

"Chris Johnston on Insider Trading says The NHL is monitoring the situation in Winnipeg, they have seen an above 30% drop in the last 3 years in their ticket base.

Gary Bettman will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday to meet with some of the team's important corporate sponsors to discuss the matter." - NHL News Updates

It didn't take much for fans to start jokingly suggesting that he should bring the Jets back to Arizona, as he did almost 30 years ago.

Personally, I see this in a positive light. Winnipeg is a hockey city, and there must be a solution to get more people in the stands. Bettman is addressing the issue and will try, along with local stakeholders, to find solutions to improve the team's revenues.

Bettman can be criticized for many reasons, especially regarding Canadian teams. However, credit should be given when he takes a positive step.

Certainly, Canadian teams are a cash cow for the NHL. The financially healthy Jets are a plus for Bettman, so he has something to gain by addressing and trying to remedy the situation.

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Gary Bettman Involves Himself in the Affairs of a Canadian Team, and It's Not Unanimously Welcomed

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