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NHL: Agent Allan Walsh is calling for the resignation of Gary Bettman

Published March 29, 2024 at 12:37

Gary Bettman has been at the helm of the NHL since 1993, making it the longest tenure of any commissioner in professional sports. According to Allan Walsh, a player agent, it's time for that to change.

Certainly, there are several reasons. One immediately thinks of the handling of the Arizona Coyotes situation, which overshadows other franchises like the Florida Panthers that are draining the league instead of bolstering it.

Meanwhile, everything seems ready for a market like Quebec, where people are passionate about hockey and there are investors and a brand new arena, but nothing is progressing.

On top of that, the issue of headshots is very current, especially with the recent passing of former player Chris Simon. For Bettman and the NHL, there's no problem, but that's far from the truth.

Just think about Rick Rypien and Steve Montador, to name a few, to realize that it's a total scourge. I also remember an interview with Paul Kariya, who mentioned not remembering his famous goal when he was hit in the head by Scott Stevens and returned to the game.

Certainly, the NHL has evolved since then, but not to Allan Walsh's liking. Even though I agree that a change at the top of the NHL is necessary, Walsh is known for relentlessly targeting Bettman at every opportunity.

"It's time for everyone with a stake in the game to demand Gary Bettman be removed as NHL commissioner. His continued denial of #CTE is not acceptable. The owners, players, media and fans have the collective power to demand he step down.

How many more Gary?"

- Allan Walsh

He doesn't mince words. It's definitely something to follow, but as time goes on, it feels increasingly precarious for Gary Bettman.

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NHL: Agent Allan Walsh is calling for the resignation of Gary Bettman

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