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A trade involving a young defenseman is imminent for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens, according to Anthony Marcotte

Published January 6, 2024 at 7:06 PM

The same issue persists within the Canadiens and the Rocket: there's a serious surplus of defensemen. Kent Hughes has a lot of work to do to improve the situation because, at the moment, there are players who deserve to play but aren't getting much ice time.

A trade seems to be in the works, according to Rocket's insider, Anthony Marcotte. Honestly, I believe that several trades would be beneficial in this regard.

"Is a trade in the works?

I wouldn't be surprised if a trade happens soon with the Rocket. We find ourselves again with 8 healthy defensemen, with the possibility that another defenseman from Montreal might be added, perhaps even for a 2-week conditioning stint. Gustav Lindstrom hasn't played since December 9th. The Canadiens seem to fear losing him on waivers; otherwise, he would already be back with the Rocket.

You can feel that Jean-François Houle would like to use Olivier Galipeau and Nicolas Beaudin more. For now, Mattias Norlinder is preferred over them, but he's not having a good season with only 2 points and a -19 in 21 games. Do they want to showcase him? It's possible. In Galipeau's case, here's a player who never hesitates to block shots and sacrifice himself for the team. As for Beaudin, he just had his second appearance in the Spengler Cup, where he had a very respectable ice time. I would like to see him get a real chance, which he hasn't had yet this year.

Meanwhile, defensemen Miguel Tourigny, Noah Laaouan, and Christopher Ortiz are all waiting for a chance to prove themselves in the American Hockey League. None of them have been called up from Trois-Rivières so far, despite all having contracts with the Laval Rocket. [...]

To be continued..."

Arber Xhekaj and Logan Mailloux will likely deserve a call-up from the Canadiens in the near future, and Lane Hutson, as well as David Reinbacher, could both join one of the two teams this year.

It's a good problem to have, but if left unaddressed, Kent Hughes could regret it. There will come a time when he'll have no choice but to expose some players to waivers and potentially lose them for nothing, or simply let them go during the summer.

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A trade involving a young defenseman is imminent for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens, according to Anthony Marcotte

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