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The NHL hands down a clear demotion to Brad Marchand

Published February 6, 2024 at 11:07
In Montreal and across the NHL, we love to hate Brad Marchand. The Bruins' pesky winger is certainly an unpleasant opponent, but everyone would want him on their team.

Indeed, the Bruins' captain, despite being disliked, possesses incredible talent and is a remarkable hockey player. Moreover, his feisty demeanor is rather enjoyable when he's on your side.

Long perceived as the most hated player in the NHL, the annual survey by The Athletic proves that it's no longer the case, and he's not the king in the category of the player "you'd most like to punch in the face."

Now, former Canadien Nick Cousins tops the list, with twice as many votes as Marchand. Out of 147 votes, Cousins was selected in 28.57% of cases.

Here is the ranking:

Nick Cousins (28.57%)
Brad Marchand (14.97%)
Matthew Tkachuk (7.48%)
Michael Bunting (4.08%)
Conor Garland (4.08%)

Cousins has been involved in numerous questionable incidents over the past two seasons, making him very detestable in the eyes of players. Kevin Bieksa summarized it well.

Source: Bruins Insider
February 6   |   1466 answers
The NHL hands down a clear demotion to Brad Marchand

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