Connor Bedard's injury
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The worst is confirmed for Connor Bedard

Published January 23, 2024 at 10:53

All Connor Bedard wants is to play hockey. He doesn't ask for attention, but he is a victim of his success.

The young prodigy is closely scrutinized wherever he goes. So much so that even absurd rumors about his mother have surfaced. In short, he has everything but peace, and it will be like this throughout his career.

His injury doesn't help him in his quest to simply play hockey either. Bedard fractured his jaw and was expected to be absent for about six weeks.

Plot twist, as his rehabilitation doesn't go as planned, and he has to start over.

"He is devastated not to be here and even more not to play. He is on the right track to recover, but it will probably take another minimum of six weeks due to an issue with his bone." - Luke Richardson

This news definitely jeopardizes his Rookie of the Year title, which seemed to be handed to him on a silver platter. Similar to Connor McDavid, who got injured during his rookie year, Bedard probably won't have the chance to win the Calder Trophy.

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The worst is confirmed for Connor Bedard

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