A Popular Insider Has Revealed a Clue About the Coyotes' Next Destination

Published May 17, 2023 at 10:34

Late into the night, we learned that the future of the Coyotes in Arizona was seriously in jeopardy, as the city of Tempe rejected the plan to build a massive entertainment district with a new amphitheater in a referendum.

Early this morning, the NHL confirmed their great disappointment with the result of the vote, in addition to stating that a period of reflection would begin to consider possible options for the future of the franchise.

In connection with a potential relocation of the Coyotes, popular ESPN insider Kevin Weekes revealed an important clue about the possible next destination of the franchise by only posting a photo, without adding any comment or description.

For those who can't guess the city from this photo, Weekes suggests keeping an eye on the city of Houston in this case. It's the most likely place to quickly welcome this team, and it would avoid having to make changes to divisions or conferences, as would be the case for the city of Quebec, for example.

However, if the team were to officially move to Houston, there is still good news for the potential return of the Nordiques, as this city was one of the preferred options to obtain a franchise in a future expansion. This would therefore eliminate a candidate from the list and increase the chances for Quebec.

Credit: HabsolumentFan
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A Popular Insider Has Revealed a Clue About the Coyotes' Next Destination

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