A big surprise in the upcoming NHL Draft?

Published May 7, 2023 at 9:46

In 2022, the Canadiens won the lottery for the first overall pick in the NHL Draft. It was with great surprise that Juraj Slafkovsky was chosen by Kent Hughes and his team, as no one could predict who would be selected at which rank.

This year, the picture looks similar, at least for positions two to five. The first place is assured for Connor Bedard, but that is far from the case for Adam Fantilli, who has long been seen as the logical second choice.

In fact, Matvei Michkov is probably the most talented after Connor Bedard, but the situation in Russia and his contract in the KHL could play against him. As for Leo Carlsson, he could well slip out of the top 3.

The big surprise in this ranking is the American Will Smith. With 19 points, including 9 goals in just six games at the most recent U18 World Championship, Smith has climbed the list of many observers, including David Ettedgui.

It would be a huge surprise to see young Smith go at the second rank, but it is quite possible now. It remains to be seen at which rank Kent Hughes and his team will make their selection.

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A big surprise in the upcoming NHL Draft?

Connor Bedard will be as good as Connor McDavid

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