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An analyst made a controversial statement involving Jonathan Drouin and Alexis Lafrenière

Published May 6, 2023 at 5:27 PM

Everyone agrees that Alexis Lafrenière has not had a career start worthy of a first overall draft pick. Indeed, since joining the Rangers, the Quebec native has recorded a meager total of 91 points in 216 games.

Laffy has been at the center of several criticisms recently due to his disappointing playoff performances. The 21-year-old forward failed to collect a single point in seven games against the New Jersey Devils, leading to many discussions about his true potential.

However, during an appearance on the show La Poche Bleue, Éric Fichaud made a rather controversial statement that is unlikely to be unanimously popular among fans. The former NHL goaltender mentioned that, in his opinion, Jonathan Drouin has more talent than Alexis Lafrenière.

"For me, Jonathan Drouin has more pure talent than Lafrenière. As for the rest, however, Lafrenière is more combative, more involved. He does more things on the ice. He may not have Jonathan's talent, but I wouldn't necessarily be worried about him. He has the skills to produce in Montreal."

It must be admitted that Laffy hasn't had many opportunities to showcase his abilities, as he has played on the third line more often than not this season. That's why many journalists have suggested the possibility that Kent Hughes might try to acquire him during the offseason, as he could undoubtedly benefit from a change of scenery.

TVA Sports analyst, Éric Fichaud, wanted to silence the critics of the Quebec forward who have blamed the 21-year-old's lack of offensive production. According to him, Laffy is a player who has all the necessary qualities to excel and become an important player in Montreal if the Canadiens were to acquire him.

"He's not an elite player, but he's a good player. Tim Stützle is an elite player, though. It doesn't mean that Lafrenière will never be a 25-goal guy or a 50-60 point player in the National League."

"From the moment you analyze Lafrenière the right way, he can certainly help the Canadiens in the right situation."

One thing is certain, it will be very interesting to follow this case closely this summer when Alexis Lafrenière becomes a restricted free agent.

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An analyst made a controversial statement involving Jonathan Drouin and Alexis Lafrenière

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