A crazy statement about Lane Hutson blows up the expectations of the Canadiens fans

Published May 28, 2023 at 9:57

Since the last draft, despite the fact that the Montreal Canadiens picked first overall, the young player from the organization who has drawn the most attention this year is undoubtedly the 62nd pick of the bunch, Lane Hutson.

A year later, it is clear that the Montreal organization has potentially hit a home run with him. I use the word 'potential' because he has not yet laced up for a game in the National League, but with his performance in the World Championship, against professionals and NHL players, he is increasingly confirming his talent.

That being said, in connection with his solid performances with the American team, even though he is the youngest player on the team at 19 years old, the popular American journalist Chris Peters made a crazy statement about Hutson during his appearance on the Talking Hockey Sense podcast.

"I have never seen a player like him. He is a remarkable talent, he has an exceptional presence on the puck. He is going to change the way we see d-man. I have been watching hockey for a long time and I can't think of a defenseman who plays like Lane Hutson." - Chris Peters

Wow! That's pretty impressive to hear, especially since the young Habs defenseman still has another big development year ahead in the NCAA before potentially making the jump with the team.

Having now added two inches of height, all he has to do is also add a few pounds to his frame to be more certain that he can accommodate the pace of the NHL as soon as he arrives in the league.

In eight games with the Americans at the World Championship, Hutson scored two goals and collected six points, while he mainly plays as the seventh defenseman on the team.

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A crazy statement about Lane Hutson blows up the expectations of the Canadiens fans

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