A home run scenario is being considered for the Canadiens, and it would have a major impact on the future of the team

Published May 16, 2023 at 10:22

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will have a colossal task this summer to put the Canadiens on track to become a competitive and promising franchise in the years to come.

On one hand, the organization will free up nearly $20 million in salary cap space and will need to reach a long-term agreement with their young star, Cole Caufield.

Additionally, with two first-round draft picks, the management will have to decide on the right game plan to improve the team in the short and medium term, while also respecting the long-term plan.

Having already expressed interest in making a "Kirby Dach" like trade as they did last year, there is a strong possibility that they may decide to potentially trade the Panthers' pick, which will be between the 29th and 32nd position.

In connection with potential moves and decisions that could take place on June 28th, a game-changing scenario has been raised for the Canadiens, which would be significant for the future of the club.

Essentially, this would involve a trade including forward Pierre-Luc Dubois, as well as the Canadiens' final choice with their 5th overall pick.

Considering the Jets may want to move the Quebecer forward during the draft to acquire an additional first-round selection, there is a strong possibility of a blockbuster trade between the two teams.

As mentioned in a recent article, Winnipeg would be looking to obtain a first-round pick in 2023, along with a young defenseman with puck-moving abilities

An offer for a trade including the Panthers' pick, along with defenseman Jordan Harris, has emerged. It is possible that the Canadiens will have to include a B-level prospect in this exchange, such as Jan Mysak, for example.

With the surplus of left-handed defensemen currently in the organization, Hughes can afford to trade some excess to address a need, as he did last year with Alexander Romanov for Dach.

The outline of the trade could look like this:

To Winnipeg:

Jordan Harris
Jan Mysak
1re ronde 2023 (Panthers)

To Montreal

Pierre-Luc Dubois

A long-term contract of eight seasons is expected to be finalized with the Canadiens, averaging around $7.5 to $8 million per year.

Now that the team would be adding immediate talent to their lineup, someone who would play a key role in the top six starting next year, it becomes much more acceptable and logical to take a riskier choice with the 5th selection in the 2023 draft.

Therefore, thanks to the acquisition of PLD (Pierre-Luc Dubois), the Canadiens can afford to choose Matvei Michkov in the first round, finally adding the offensive talent that has been sought after for decades in Montreal.

Here's what the Canadiens' forward lineup would look like when Michkov arrives in North America.


Without a doubt, it would create one of the best top sixes in the league!

In essence, Kent Hughes will have the opportunity to build a formidable team, but above all, an exciting team to watch for many years in Montreal.

However, everything will start with what the organization decides to do with their 5th overall pick. There is a real opportunity to make a big move during the offseason, and this realistic scenario could lead to a successful major acquisition.
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A home run scenario is being considered for the Canadiens, and it would have a major impact on the future of the team

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