A rumor regarding Sean Farrell and the Montreal Canadiens was dismissed by Renaud Lavoie

Wilson Salaun
April 12, 2023  (6:48 PM)

Until now, Sean Farrell has played in four games in the NHL. However, he has been left out of the lineup in the last two games, leading some to speculate about the reason for his absence. Some believe that the Canadiens may want to avoid paying him his performance bonus if he plays a fifth game in the major league this season.

Renaud Lavoie, a TVA Sports journalist, has dismissed this hypothesis, stating that it is not a question of a $25,000 bonus that is preventing Martin St-Louis from playing Sean Farrell, but rather a desire to prioritize the young player's development.
"It's a bonus that will be counted towards the salary cap next year, but you're not going to worry about $25,000 one way or another. Normally, Farrell will play Wednesday's game and probably Thursday's game as well." - Renaud Lavoie

Now that Rafael Harvey-Pinard and Jesse Ylonen have left for Laval, it is almost certain that Sean Farrell will play in the last one or two games of the season - he is actually playing tonight. Renaud Lavoie also commented on the progress of the young forward, noting that he had improved a lot since joining the team at the end of March.
"I'll tell you one thing I noticed in today's practice: between the Sean Farrell who arrived with the Canadiens about ten days ago and Sean Farrell today, there's already a big evolution. Today in practice, I felt he was confident with the puck, active. He was making plays. I understood why we decided to bring him up [right away] with the Montreal Canadiens." - Renaud Lavoie

Indeed, if such a modest amount as $25,000 poses a problem for the organization, the Canadiens' situation for next season could be more worrying than we imagine.
However, it is highly likely that the organization will do what is best for Sean Farrell's development, even if it means keeping him on the sidelines to analyze the game. The primary goal is to ensure adequate progression of the young player so that he can contribute to the team's success in the long term.
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A rumor regarding Sean Farrell and the Montreal Canadiens was dismissed by Renaud Lavoie

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