Acquisition of William Nylander by the Canadiens? New information has surfaced revealing that it probably won't happen

Elias Edmonson
August 31, 2023  (10:19)

The situation surrounding William Nylander has been the talk of the town for a few weeks now, and it looks set to continue until the summer of 2024.

It's rare to see a star forward like this, still in the prime of his career for several seasons, reaching complete autonomy in just a few months. Moreover, given that the Maple Leafs are unlikely to have the necessary funds to offer him a contract worth his value, he will certainly be the player to watch in the upcoming summer period.

That being said, in his most recent column on BPM Sports, Tony Marinaro discussed the Nylander case and revealed some interesting details. Essentially, he does not believe that the 27-year-old Swede will land in Montreal anytime soon.
A trade is almost impossible, due to the fact that the Leafs want to win a Stanley Cup and they need Nylander's services to achieve it. Moreover, from the Canadiens side, it makes absolutely no sense to pay a crazy price by emptying the bank of young players and prospects to acquire a future unrestricted free agent.
However, even by next summer, when he will be free as a bird, he also does not believe that Kent Hughes will roll out the red carpet to offer a monster contract to Nylander.
"I don't think the Montreal Canadiens are interested in giving 10 million dollars and more (per season) to a winger. If he was a center player, it would be possible, even if it's more than what Nick Suzuki earns." - Tony Marinaro

Even though we agree that rather than putting 10M$ on a winger, we would prefer to do it for a potential number one center player, adding the Leafs' star forward as a free agent would be a significant acquisition for the Tricolore.
This would allow us to have an offensive forward capable of putting several players in their proper place, like Kirby Dach in the second center position, rather than as a winger.
However, this kind of coup will have to be made when the team is ready to finish its rebuild to become competitive again, and it's not certain that this will be the case for next year.
Credit: BPM Sports & HabsetLNH.com
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Acquisition of William Nylander by the Canadiens? New information has surfaced revealing that it probably won't happen

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