William Nylander to Montreal? There's new information regarding a trade of the Swedish forward

Published August 30, 2023 at 4:03 PM

With the recent signing of Auston Matthews, who broke the bank in Toronto by becoming the highest-paid player in the NHL starting in the summer of 2024, it has become very unlikely, if not impossible, for William Nylander to remain with the team after the upcoming season.

The 27-year-old Swedish forward will be in his final contract year, and due to his recent performances, he should get at least a new deal worth more than $10 million annually.

With Matthews, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares already accounting for over $35 million combined in 2024-2025, Nylander's future may lie in a city other than Toronto.

In connection with a trade involving the star forward, renowned insider Elliotte Friedman has just unveiled something very interesting, suggesting that the Leafs had already shopped him around in recent weeks.

I think the Maple Leafs decided [to keep him this year], but I believe they tried to trade him. They just didn't like what was available in return. He did score 40 goals last year, he's a very talented guy, and in the playoffs, he was involved in successful plays against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They know it and they recognize it.

- Elliotte Friedman

From this, we can understand that the organization's plan will be to let him play out his last year with the team, given that the offers for their player weren't up to their expectations.

However, management wants to benefit from his contribution, both in the regular season and playoffs, to go all out with the lineup they've built for the upcoming campaign, knowing they risk losing Nylander for nothing next summer.

Being very active in the trade market, it's absolutely certain that Kent Hughes did his homework by inquiring about the price for number 88. However, since the Leafs' expectations were assuredly too high, the Canadiens' GM didn't pursue this matter further.

On the other hand, it's clear that it's only a matter of time if Nylander tests free agency in a few months. With about $20 million available under the salary cap in the summer of 2024, Hughes will have the option to offer him a significant contract.

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William Nylander to Montreal? There's new information regarding a trade of the Swedish forward

If William Nylander becomes a free agent in 2024, would you offer him a contract with the Canadiens?

Yes but max 10M$ per year17329.1 %
Yes but max 10.5M$ per year244 %
Yes but max 11M$ oer year325.4 %
No, I don't want him in Montreal at that price36661.5 %
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