Analyst just roasted Matvei Michkov and he looks furious

Published May 31, 2023 at 1:49 PM

This week, we showcased an excellent interview by TVA Sports journalist, Anthony Martineau, who had the opportunity to talk with a Canadian coach of Matvei Michkov from SKA Saint Petersburg, as well as a teammate with whom he played this year with HC Sochi in the KHL.

We notably learned that Michkov has only one goal, to play in the NHL, and at the end of his three-year contract with SKA, contrary to unsettling false rumors about this, he will be free to sign wherever he wishes, like with the club that will draft him next June 28th.

Also, his teammate mentioned how good of akid he is, how passionate about hockey he is and how he is motivated by the desire to become the best in his sport!

Contrary to this information, which comes from sources very close to the Russian prodigy, journalist Mathias Brunet has just mentioned new details about him.

In essence, Brunet tried to raise disturbing elements about the personal life of the 18-year-old, which seemed more like false accusations, failing to mention the source of this information to validate its veracity.

Here's what he said about Michkov's entourage:

"He had a particular dynamic with his father who was in charge. Will his unfortunate death change the dynamic? Apparently, it was not easy over there.

The boy's entourage controlled his environment, his team, the lines, the drills... It was unhealthy. He has his character." - Mathias Brunet

I repeat, the excellent Anthony Martineau spoke with people who are very close to Michkov, who have worked with the young man and paint a far less alarming picture than what Brunet is trying to present about him.

I have never seen a possible generational talent like Michkov get so much bad press in an attempt to justify a possible non-selection in the draft.

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Analyst just roasted Matvei Michkov and he looks furious

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