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It is now confirmed for Jake Allen and the Montreal Canadiens

Published December 17, 2023 at 6:58 PM

As mentioned earlier, goaltender Antti Raanta went unclaimed on waivers and is heading to Chicago to play with the Wolves in the American Hockey League.

It's unfortunate for the Rocket, as theoretically, the Hurricanes could have loaned him to the team of their choice. Remember that they don't have an AHL affiliate this season. However, it seems that relations between the two organizations are still not great.

How does this series of events work against the Canadiens? Jake Allen is on the market, earning more than double Raanta's salary, and for another season. Allen also has career statistics that are not as strong as Raanta's.

They are two very comparable goalies, excellent backups who lack a little something to be a number 1. The fact that no one wanted Raanta at $1.5 million says a lot about Allen's value at $3.85 million.

Will Kent Hughes be tempted to expose number 34 to waivers to send him to help the Rocket? Or will he trade Primeau and keep Allen as the number 2?

We will find out in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: if there was hope for a decent return for Jake Allen, that may be off the table. He will either be handed on a silver platter to another team, or Kent Hughes may have to pay to get rid of him.

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It is now confirmed for Jake Allen and the Montreal Canadiens

Should the Canadiens absolutely keep Cayden Primeau and trade Jake Allen?

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