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Jake Allen would be fed up, and Kent Hughes could make a bold decision

Published December 14, 2023 at 9:55

Everyone is fed up with the three-goalie rotation at the Canadiens. Players have to adjust to a different goalie every game, goalies need to try to maintain some momentum, and fans are growing impatient.

Martin St-Louis isn't talking about it too much, and Kent Hughes doesn't seem in a hurry to resolve the situation. In short, it should have been sorted out by now, but that's not the case. Jake Allen, according to Tony Marinaro, is quite fed up with the situation.

"Allen looks annoyed. It means the three-goalie rotation system doesn't suit him at all," says Marinaro.

Marinaro suggests that Hughes should lower his standards and be willing to retain some of Allen's salary to facilitate a trade, but Jean-Charles Lajoie disagrees. According to the host, Allen is not tradable, and no one wants him. Hughes should put him on waivers and send him to Laval.

I don't think Hughes will do that, considering Jake Allen is a man of great class, and the GM as well. It would be a slight to the number 34 to end up in the American Hockey League at this stage of his career unless the request comes from him.

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Jake Allen would be fed up, and Kent Hughes could make a bold decision

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