Kent Hughes officially hit a home run with this trade

Julien Trekker
July 26, 2023  (9:09)

It's been almost exactly a year since the Montreal Canadiens traded the controversial defenseman Jeff Petry, who received severe criticism throughout the previous season due to his lack of effort and involvement.

At the time of the trade with the Penguins, reactions were not necessarily positive about letting the young Ryan Poehling go along with Petry in exchange for defenseman Michael Matheson and a 4th-round pick.
One season later, it must be admitted that the Canadiens' GM pulled off a serious steal.
Poehling wasn't even qualified as a restricted free agent, meaning the organization allowed him to test the free-agent market, resulting in losing him without gaining anything in return. He eventually signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.
As for the former Habs' defenseman, according to circulating rumors, the organization strongly wishes to get rid of him in order to free up money and make a move for Erik Karlsson. However, the 35-year-old would reportedly refuse to be included in a trade to San Jose, thus limiting his general manager's options.
Furthermore, similar to his last season in Montreal, Petry has been the target of criticism throughout the year due to his disappointing performance and noticeable inconsistency.
In addition to saving $1.375 million with Matheson's contract compared to Petry's, Kent Hughes has added a true defensive pillar to the team, as we have seen this season. The advanced statistics concerning him are absolutely impressive, leaving little doubt about his exceptional contribution to the Canadiens.
"We all need to see a full, healthy season from Mike Matheson in Montreal. He has been one of the most underrated players in the NHL over the past two years in our eyes. He's a legitimate TOP defenseman for us. Also, one of the best contracts in the league."

Andy & Rono

It's truly incredible to see how much of a significant impact the Montreal defenseman's game has.
One thing is certain, looking at his offensive contribution at 96/100, his transitional play at 86/100, and his overall impact at 93/100, it closely resembles what an elite defenseman can bring to his team.
While his defensive game faces some challenges, he perfectly compensates with his offensive abilities. We are excited to see him in action for a full season with a healthy lineup next year.
At 29 years old, Matheson achieved a record of eight goals and 34 points in 48 games during his first campaign with the CH. He still has three seasons left on his excellent contract worth $4.875 million.
Credits: Habs & LNH
Kent Hughes officially hit a home run with this trade

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