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Martin St-Louis confirms news that is not unanimously accepted

Published January 27, 2024 at 12:24

As we mentioned in the last few hours, Arber Xhekaj received costly penalties in the last game and apologized to his coach and teammates.

The young defenseman needs to be better, no doubt about that. Martin St-Louis's response was to forget about it and focus on practice.

It seems the head coach has a long memory because he has just confirmed that Xhekaj will be scratched tonight.

"Jesse Ylönen and Jordan Harris are in against the Penguins. Arber Xhekaj is out." - Montreal Canadiens

It's still a surprising decision, especially considering that St-Louis defended Xhekaj, saying that he needs to continue playing on the edge, and penalties can happen sometimes.

Martin even drew a parallel with Joel Armia, who also plays on the edge with his stick: 'Sometimes he will take penalties, but how often does he manage to strip the puck from his opponent?'

In short, according to him, the benefits of a player who plays on the edge outweigh the penalties he takes, and he explained it very well. He doesn't want to change the player's nature. Then Xhekaj is scratched in the next game.

It's a surprise and hard to understand, but he can't keep Harris in the stands forever either.

What about you, do you agree with this decision?

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Martin St-Louis confirms news that is not unanimously accepted

Do you agree with the decision to sideline Arber Xhekaj?

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