Matvei Michkov and the Montreal Canadiens Already Appears to Be a Perfect Match

Published May 29, 2023 at 12:01

TVA Sports published an interview today by the excellent journalist Anthony Martineau that is making a huge splash among Montreal Canadiens fans.

A Canadian coach who works for SKA Saint Petersburg, the club that Matvei Michkov belongs to, has revealed major information about his situation in Russia. His comments have ignited a frenzy among fans who are eagerly hoping that the organization will pick him with the 5th overall choice, if of course he is still available.

Martineau also spoke with a teammate of the Russian sensation with HC Sochi, the team he was loaned to during the season to play 27 games.

Dmitri Zavgorodniy, a former player of the Rimouski Océanic in the QMJHL, first revealed that the Russian prodigy's goal is to play in the NHL and that it is even his ultimate dream.

"He definitely wants to play in the NHL. That's his dream! Just remember that all hockey players want to play in the NHL and win the Stanley Cup. I can tell you that he's very excited to be drafted. He often asks me how things work in Canada and the United States. He asks me what the leaders of the different teams will be looking at in him and how he should behave. I just keep telling him to stay true to himself. People will love him very quickly." - Dmitri Zavgorodniy

Even though most experts perceive Michkov as the best Russian talent since Alexander Ovechkin, there are many critics who mention that one of Ovechkin's problems was his attitude, and that there was a lack of competitiveness in his game.

In this respect, Zavgorodniy first denied any false accusations against Michkov, stating that he was a hard worker and extremely focused on the task. In relation to the fact that he lacks competitiveness, he also revealed a juicy anecdote that invalidates this claim about Matvei.

"Well, sometimes, he's expressive (laughs). He's a really good guy, but there were nights where, early in his stay with us, his emotions got the best of him. In some games when we were losing, he would stand up in the locker room and give rage and intensity filled motivational speeches. Remember, he's barely 18 years old and was surrounded by veterans at the time! He had good intentions, but he learned over the year to do it... the right way (laughs)!" - Dmitri Zavgorodniy

In his eyes, there's no doubt that the Canadiens absolutely have to choose Michkov, if he's still available at the 5th rank.

"If I was the general manager of the Canadiens and I realized that Matvei was still available at the fifth rank, I would be speechless... and I would definitely pick him! This guy instantly elevates the level of competition of your team."

The former teammate of Alexis Lafrenière in Rimouski even added something particularly exciting for the Tricolore fans.

"Matvei is like the people of Montreal: he's a hockey fan! He is one of your own! Michkov and Montreal, it sounds like the perfect blend to me!"

Wow! We hope that Kent Hughes will agree and that he will become the Canadiens' new acquisition with the 5th overall choice.

In the best case scenario, he is available at this rank and the club drafts him with their selection. In an equally interesting scenario, Michkov is picked in the top-4, which leaves the last of Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson and Will Smith to Montreal.

In all the cases presented here, the Canadiens would land a true elite talent.

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Matvei Michkov and the Montreal Canadiens Already Appears to Be a Perfect Match

If you had the ultimate choice between these prospects, who would you choose?

Will Smith349.1 %
Adam Fantilli18048.3 %
Matvei Michkov13636.5 %
Leo Carlsson236.2 %
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