Nicolas Deslauriers and Corey Perry could make a comeback with the Canadiens next season?

Published May 15, 2023 at 11:33

Since the arrival of Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton at the helm of the team, the organization has turned into a youth movement to rebuild its roster.

However, it is crucial that the team's young players are surrounded by good veterans in order to continue their development appropriately.

During last Monday's "La Poche Bleue le midi" broadcast, Maxim Lapierre highlighted the importance of the Canadiens acquiring an experienced player to guide the many rookies within the Montreal lineup. He notably mentioned the name of a former player greatly appreciated by Canadiens fans to fill this role.

"No matter which team drafts him, it will be important to surround him well. In the case of Montreal, I think it would absolutely be necessary to bring in a veteran on offense. I'm sorry, but when I look at our lineup, I think it would take a Nicolas Deslauriers or a Ryan Reaves. It will take some things to surround him."

The former Canadiens forward also mentioned that Corey Perry should be a priority on Kent Hughes' list when the free agent market opens.

"I wouldn't hesitate to sign Corey Perry. He would be the first player I would want to contact when the free agent market opens. I wouldn't be embarrassed to offer him a bit more and give him a two-year contract, even if he slows down and couldn't play 82 games."

Corey Perry has mentioned many times that he loved his time with the Canadiens. He even confessed to Renaud Lavoie that he closely follows the performances of his former teammates. Certainly, he would be an excellent mentor for players like Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, and Kirby Dach.

Should Kent Hughes offer him a one-season contract this summer?

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Nicolas Deslauriers and Corey Perry could make a comeback with the Canadiens next season?

Do you believe that Kent Hughes should attempt to sign Corey Perry and Nicolas Deslauriers this summer?

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