Plot Twist in Arizona: One Step Closer to the Return of the Nordiques?

Joe El-Khoury
May 2, 2023  (10:58)

In recent weeks, we have mentioned that the fate of the Arizona Coyotes could be determined during the month of May, as a very important referendum on the construction of a new arena in Tempe will take place on May 16th.

Although NHL commissioner Gary Bettman insists on keeping the Coyotes in Arizona, despite the franchise being the laughing stock of the league and never having been profitable since its creation in 1996, the future of the organization could be decided in a few days.
If the result of the referendum is negative for the construction of a mega complex in Tempe, it is very likely that this time it will be the death knell for the team, which will have to leave the Arizona desert for good.
Currently, the Coyotes play their games in a 5,000-seat arena in facilities that are not worthy of the National League, while the team shares its home with the University of Arizona.
Bettman has put everything on this referendum, temporarily relocating the team to this arena, while hoping that this important development will materialize and that he can transfer the team to their new home when construction is completed.
However, less than two weeks before this crucial moment for the future of the Coyotes, the odds are not very favorable for a positive outcome, as several important parties do not want this complex in Tempe.
In connection with a possible negative result, informant Frank Seravalli dropped major information about a faster-than-expected move by the organization. According to him, the team is very concerned about this referendum and it is possible that they will move as early as next season.
"Seravalli on 960 says he could see the Coyotes moving as soon as next season if the Tempe vote fails (and from what he hears, the team is worried)."

In the event of a quick move, according to Seravalli, it appears that the city of Houston would be designated to welcome the Coyotes.
However, the city of Quebec should not be ruled out of the picture so quickly. They have an arena ready to host a professional team and they could do it immediately.
Furthermore, even if the concession went to Houston, there is still a positive element to this outcome. By obtaining their team via a transfer, it would eliminate a potential city to host an NHL team in an upcoming expansion. Houston was one of the top cities on Bettman's list to host an NHL franchise.
Let's just say that this referendum will be closely watched by Quebec fans who are hoping for the return of the Nordiques."
Credit: GoNordiques.com
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Plot Twist in Arizona: One Step Closer to the Return of the Nordiques?

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